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I’m always on the lookout for ethical beauty brands with natural ingredients to stay as true as I can to my skin. Which is why I was very excited to discover Sadhev – an Indian beauty brand based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. With an authentic and an exotic range of handcrafted luxury Ayurvedic products forged through age-old traditions, modern science, exquisite ingredients, Sadhev has many exciting varieties of products to offer – ranging from lip balms, natural hair colors, face oils and so much more. Added bonus is that all their products are parabens & sulphates free (which is an essential for me in all my skincare products) and cruelty free as well. After having tried a few of them and having a hard time picking out my favorites from those, I have finally narrowed it down to my fave three. Hope you guys enjoy exploring these products. You can learn more and shop the entire range of Sadhev products on their website HERE.

Pure Kumkumadi tailam (face oil) with saffron & aloe vera
This luscious face oil feels uber luxe on the skin while applying and the glowing golden hue makes you feel like it’s instantly doing magic for your skin. Very moisturizing, this face oil helps in improving your skin complexion by fortifying it with pure Aloe vera gel and kumkumadi tailam that over time will gently cleanse your skin from within. This product has helped in strengthening my sensitive skin as well. I try and use it every night after applying a toner and don’t apply anything else over it. It feels quite potent and a little bit goes a long way – 2 drops are enough for my entire face.

Natural Rose Water Toner
Absolutely love the fact that this is 100% organic and so gentle on the skin. Safe for sensitive skins, the rose water toner is extremely refreshing – not just as a toner after cleansing your face but also as a pick-me-up during the day even over your makeup. Smells divine and is a huge boost of hydration for the skin – I particularly enjoy how it relaxes tight or dry skin and keeps it calm. Rose water is known to help control acne issues and sebum production over-all. I spritz the toner after cleansing my skin both day and night.

Aloe Vera & Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Tailam
I’m a huge fan of pure aloe vera gels and this one by Sadhev takes it up a notch with the addition of organic saffron in it. A beautifully light, non-greasy gel that gets applied very smoothly onto the skin and absorbed equally well. Both kumkumadi tailam (saffron oil) and aloe vera are widely known for their brightening and rejuvenating properties because they are rich in vitamin E, C, beta carotene and natural oils. This is also a great product to heal any active acne, cuts or bruises. I love applying this gel during the day by gently massaging it into my skin. Pro tip – spray the rose water after cleansing your face, apply the aloe gel and seal it in with another generous spray of the rose water. And watch your skin glow!

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