First Outdoor Shoot Post Covid-19 Lockdown

It’s been a hot minute since I shared anything on the blog since corona-virus took a massive shit all over our lives. It was fun and games in the beginning, I even got into legit cooking but then slowly the daily utensil washing, facing life, etc got a little heavy. There were some great days in there where I counted my blessings, was grateful for the stuff I have or was just plain drunk to give a shit and then there were days where it was a fucking struggle. I tried my best to be consistent on Instagram atleast but my bloggity blog blog was a bit left out. Then the “unlock” happened – whatever the fuck THAT was coz we all were still pretty shit scared to step out (atleast I was). But eventually, for my sanity, I did step out – I still have only visited my parent’s and Naina’s place a couple of times (visit to folks place is usually just handing/taking stuff at the door or sitting far away from them with least contact and not for too long), had 1 girlfriend over for beers and lunch and now regularly go to another very close friend’s place (very close to mine) to practice yoga with 2 super cool fools (one of who is actually trained to teach yoga so that works great for the other 2 of us). I CANNOT begin to tell how much just doing this (going to a friend’s place to practice about 1.5 hours of yoga most mornings followed by cold brew and then chilling after for a bit, reading/troubling/etc) has helped me mentally. It’s pulled me out of a faze if that makes any sense and that feels really fucking good. All this doesn’t have much to do with my outdoor shoot but I guess it’s a way for me to thank Prateeq, Devang & Sahil for being so nice to me.

And maybe because I feel so ‘here’ now, it felt natural for me to want to dress-up (just a little bit, coz personally I would be pretty fucking happy spending my life in boxer shorts, tees and sportswear) when I stepped out to go to my folks place today and do a quick impromptu shoot around it – like the old days. I didn’t care that it was hot, I was sweating, it was windy, my hair were everywhere and that I have hair on pretty much every square inch of my skin by now. It felt great. Hope you guys enjoy the outfit and if you’re even the slightest bit offended by my politically-incorrect language in this post – you can fuck right off.

{ Outfit Details }
Tee: Super old one from Forever21
Skirt: UrbanSuburban
Sneakers: Truffle Collection
Face Mask: Nakhrewaali
Pics of me courtesy Aman Godara

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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  • Haha, love your post!
    It is totally normal to feel scared going out after the unlock!
    We still need to be very careful and wear a mask even if the lockdown is over.
    Stay safe!

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  • Reply July 20, 2020

    Ismail Malik

    Wow amazing pictures

  • Reply July 20, 2020


    thanks for this amazing post i really love this outdoor collection during covid 19.

  • Reply July 22, 2020

    Thokozani Sibisi

    This is a great post. Yeah I under you, being in lockdown has forced us to do a routine we’re not used to here. Im South Africa we’re still in Lockdown but many restrictions have been lifted. Maybe I also need to start doing yoga and see if it helps me. I will share that publicly on my blog post on:

  • Reply July 22, 2020

    Elizabeth Walker

    I need glasses because you’re shining~

  • Reply July 23, 2020

    Gata Collins

    The pattern on your face mask looks cute!

  • Reply July 23, 2020

    day tour agra

    Dress is looking so awesome and stunning photos you shared of your photoshoot.

  • Reply July 23, 2020


    It’s amazing!!!
    I love your photos and your article. I regularly read your article. Photo are very attractive and clean.

  • Reply July 25, 2020

    Swarnali Das

    Good to see you in outdoor shoot.

  • Reply July 26, 2020

    Updated Ideas

    Feeling better.

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