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My very first time in the Maldives, I was beyond excited to visit, stay and discover VARU by Atmosphere. And boy did it live up to it’s expectations and then some! A newly opened property by the Atmosphere chain that has 5 other properties all in the Maldives, VARU is a 40-50 minute private boat ride from the Male International Airport.

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My Villa No. 315 was an over-the-water villa with a sunning deck that had complete privacy and stairs that led right down into the sea. It was situated at the fag end of the Manta Jetty. The property has 3 such jetties and a total of 108 rooms, villas and suites. The best part ofcourse was waking up to the incredible blue views from the bed and the bathtub too 😉

Another favorite part about staying at VARU was the all-inclusive packages they offer – known as VARU Plans. This means that you can literally come to the property and not carry any cash or credit cards because EVERYTHING at the hotel – meals at restaurants, alcohol, spa treatments and water activities are all included in the cost you pay while booking depending on the plan you’ve chosen. For example a free spa session is included automatically if you book a plan of 4 nights. Heck they even restock the minibar twice a day because it’s all yours!
Enjoying some wine and the sunset from my private deck.

NU was my favorite restaurant – offering Italian cuisine over the water with absolutely stunning views. My salmon was grilled to perfection and the burrata was a breath of fresh air. Paired it all with a pina colada because we’re in the tropics 😉

If you’re in the mood to try some Maldivian cuisine, you must visit Kaage for an authentic experience. This restaurant is open only for dinner time.

Lime and Chili is their buffet style restaurant serving amazing and fresh produce for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s by the beach which is why I was biased towards this restaurant. All the while serenading you with live music and crisp chilled wines and beer included in the buffet. Every Thursday they have a gala dinner and their own staff peforms the local Maldivian song and dance for the guests – one of my favorite things during the stay. But then again, I had many!

{ Dress by Ranna Gill }

That’s the staff performing for the guests during the gala dinner. LOVED THIS!

They have a proper time-table of the water based sports and activities that they offer weekly with multiple activities daily. We went on a snorkelling trip around the property and it was a lot of fun! This was the first time I did snorkelling without the safety vest and I was obsessed because I could dive down to go close to the fishes and corals for a better view. What a fantastic day!

Another activity we went for was the star-gazing cruise at night. We did unfortunately run into bad weather and choppy waters during our entire stay but were lucky enough to be able to go for the snorkelling and this mini-cruise. It was magical! They take you out to sea where the ambient light is far away and you can lie down on the roof of the boat and juts gaze into time itself. The ambient light isn’t completely absent so you can’t really see the Milky Way band but it’s still something if you’re visiting from a city like Delhi 🙂 I spotted about 3 shooting stars.

Bay Rouge – their beachside bar opens at 4pm everyday and has a stunning infinity pool as well. Loved the jungle-chic interiors of this perfectly topical bar. The beach it’s located on is situated in a little cove with absolutely still water so you can enjoy a dip or swim even if the sea is rough because the disturbance doesn’t reach here. Yay!

Sharing some more pics I clicked during my stay at VARU by Atmosphere. Hop you enjoy them!

Is there any better way to take full advantage of your own private deck?!

The spa was quite spectacular too. When you lay face down on the bed, you can see the sea though a glass hole in the floor and the occasional fishes that pass by.

{ Dress by Ranna Gill }

Enjoying some more wine on my deck post dinner.

{ Dress by EssGee Shop }

A huge thank you to VARU by Atmosphere for hosting us.

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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