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There’s not much in life that is better than pouring yourself a whiskey and sitting down to relax after a long day.
This one’s for those who truly know how to enjoy their whiskey! Shazé’s new Hosting Collection – crafted with the expertise of Seymourpowell, exhibits some marvellous barware and brew-ware. With its minimalistic flamboyance, the collection is designed to inject superior joy in your whiskey drinking rituals. Perfect to get for your own home and even as Diwali gifts for the whiskey drinkers in your circle.

More than labels on bottles, it is the entire experience of enjoying a whiskey – the pour, the sip, the swirl, the aroma and ofcourse the sharing that truly brings happiness to someone who enjoys their whiskey – and the Hosting Collection by Shazé adds all this and so much more to the experience. I prefer drinking my whiskey in a solid tumbler but before that pour it into a solid framed decanter – because aesthetics are everything! Best enjoyed at room temperature, the real dance of it starts when you take in the complex aroma, put your nose inside the glass and inhale gently. And then take a small sip and let the gold liquid roll over your palate for just a bit before letting it slip smoothly down. I love the way the entire range of flavours and scents burst into your being and how they are always a bit different for everybody.

My personal favorite is THE CAGE which is a whiskey decanter from the collection that offers a certain theatrical element to the process. The decanter is encased in a contemporary cage-like structure, and when pulled out, the fins of the cage release like an instinctive reflex.

Hope you enjoy these stunning pics of the decanter and ofcourse me enjoying my whiskey in it! Cheers to a festive season and the festival of lights! In the words of George Bernard Shaw – ‘Whiskey is liquid sunshine’.

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Dress: House Of Fett
Location: Spring House Co-Working
Pics of me courtesy Aman Godara

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*Please consume alcohol responsibly.


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