Lunch at ROOH, New Delhi

While I have visited ROOH previously for an event that had a special menu, I hadn’t yet had the chance to visit and experience it’s own menu and when the opportunity finally came – I jumped at it!

ROOH is Chef Sujan Sarkar’s award-winning San Francisco fine-dining restaurant that has recently opened up in New Delhi and is an absolute treat whether you want to go here with your family, date or even solo. The eye for even the smallest detail is immaculate and you will love EVERYTHING you try. Sharing pics of everything we ate for lunch recently. And ofcourse my outfit! All details towards the end of the post including direct links to shop my gorgeous bamboo silk maxi dress and my gold plated choker. Hope you enjoy the pics!

To start off, you simply CANNOT miss the Kaapi Martini at the bar if you love coffee and martinis as much as I do!

An amla to get your digestive juices running.

A passionfruit explosion

Yogurt chaat with freeze dried yogurt on top

I unfortunately don’t remember what this was but it was one of my favourites!! Luckily I’m not a food blogger or critic otherwise I may have been persecuted for this crime!
It was like a samosa but with a thick, creamy, warm, melt-you-soul filling. It was incredible! If you visit the restaurant you can just show them this picture I suppose.

Waiting for my cocktail at the bar like…

This choker is sooo lovely. I’ve shared the direct link to shop it online towards the end of the post.

Sweet corn liquid burji with pav

Pork vindaloo on a kreme doughnut.

Melon Rasam

Fermented Potato Parantha served with a tomato pickle and mehrauli goat curd

Duck shami kebab

Love their customized ice-cubes in my Butter Old Fashioned.

Lamb (again, forgot the preparation name. Sorry!)

Sea bass – Alleppey curry

Ras Malai type of dessert. I’m not big on dessert so Aman had this.

{ Outfit Details }
Bamboo Silk Maxi Dress: The Burnt Soul
Gold Plated Choker: The Olio Stories
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Pics of me courtesy Aman Godara

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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