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This was my first time ever trying on contact lenses (colored or with power) and I cannot begin to tell you how OBSESSED I am now with the concept of colored contact lenses! (Why didn’t I ever try this before!) Its so much fun, makes you feel so different and OMG the pics come out so good!

I mean I’m all for being happy with the body(and features) that nature gave you. But there is no harm in having fun with different eye colors from time to time. It really is very refreshing in the strangest of ways. Something that you’ll probably understand only once you’ve tried it for yourself.

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Moving on – I wanted to do something fresh for this Valentine’s Day and instead of doing the same old ‘Different Outfits That You Can Try’, I went a step further to give you different eye colors that you can play with depending on the mood you’re in for the big V-Day. I got my hands on some Freshlook Lenses via and paired them with different outfits to show you how you can try them according to how you feel. Let’s start shall we?

Casual Chic & Lovable – Green Freshlook Lenses
This is preferably for a fun day date where you want to be a little bit cute and a little bit casual. As you’ll notice, the green is not too ‘green’ so it can be paired with light colored clothes to create a free-fun loving vibe rather than an intense one.
#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | green closest with flowers

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | green full look

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | green front half with flower

Sexy & Flirty – True Sapphire Freshlook Lenses
This is probably the most color intensive shade that I tried – And I mean it was really blue! So I decided to balance my brilliant blue eyes with a calmer green outfit shade. I’ll admit, I felt a bit like an Earthy Goddess and almost like a different person with these lenses on. Loved the feeling!
The strong color is perfect for a flirty gaze and probably when you want to be a bit naughty and get away with it!
#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | blue closest side face

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | blue front sitting pose

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | raiman outfit

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | blue side pose sitting

A Bit of a Diva – Sterling Gray Freshlook Lenses
This shade was by far my favorite – because it’s not too subtle that it won’t get noticed and at the same time it’s not too strong that it’ll turn you into a totally different person. I think it just enhances your features, makes you feel a bit more confident, the photographs come out stunning and not to mention – it’s a very universal shade, meaning that will suit all skin tones in my opinion.
I paired these lenses with an all-out ‘diva’ look – shiny and ready for a party! There’s that twinkle of a hint of naughtiness and the knowledge that you can probably get away with a bit of a diva tantrum with such sexy eyes! Am I right or am I right?!
#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | diva closest nail in lips

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | diva complete dress

#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | diva front sittin pose

I hope you guys have had fun looking at the pictures, the outfits and the way I have paired the different colors of lenses with different moods! I had such a great time shooting for this and writing for this as well.
Now go have some crazy fun on Valentine’s Day and do experiment with these and more exciting shades of lenses by Freshlook FREE OF COST! Get a pair of FreshLook lenses for free (CLICK HERE) and share your look on insta with #VDayFreshLook.
#VDayFreshlook | Akanksha Redhu | product branding

True Sapphire
Sterling Gray
{ Outfit Details }
Casual & Chic Look:
Coat: H&M
Dress: Forever 21
Sexy Flirty Look:
Tie n Dye Co-ord Set: Raiman
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Tee: H&M
Diva Look:
Septum Ring:
Location Courtesy Westin Gurgaon
Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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  • Reply February 10, 2018


    Oops! I love all the looks particularly the second look. It’s so natural n yet so much different n fun 😀

    Your sense of style really inspires me so much ❤️

    • Reply February 12, 2018


      Thank you so much for the love!

  • Reply February 12, 2018

    Ramandeep Kaur

    You really have a nice sense of style. Just love all your styles! The colored contact lenses are really in vogue these days. I do have turquoise. Will give green a try, that looks amazing on you. 🙂

    • Reply February 13, 2018


      Thank you so much!

  • Reply February 14, 2018

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  • Reply February 19, 2018

    Haya Khan

    awesome pics collection.

    • Reply February 26, 2018


      thank you!

  • It’s really a nice idea to do something different on this Valentine’s Day. You looks amazing with FreshLook Lens. Even you are looking more elegant in True Sapphire lenses.

    • Reply February 26, 2018


      Thank you so much for the kind words!

  • Reply March 13, 2018


    really nice post!!! i have been following you from a while now and i am really inspired from you and even i have started blogging plz do come and visit my blog

    • Reply March 15, 2018


      Thank you so much for the kind words!

  • Reply March 15, 2018


    Wow you look great in these outfits and short hair suits you really nice in this pictures.

  • Reply March 22, 2018

    Gino Wilds

    Woah! Those eyes are lovely and they complement your outfits. It is amazing how your vibe and look changes depending on the eye color your are wearing.

    • Reply March 30, 2018


      Exactly! Thank you so much for the comment!

  • Reply April 9, 2018

    krishan kumar

    nice picture and post

  • Reply May 1, 2018

    vijaya zinnga

  • Reply January 3, 2020


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