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For my recent 7 day trip to Goa, we stayed on Morjim Beach (that’s in the North Goa region). And while we were mostly shacked up on the beach, we did manage to head ut a couple of times to eat at different places rather than repeating the same beachside shacks and restaurants over and over again. I’m sharing with you a short list of places that we ate at, what we ate and how it was. Hope you enjoy it and if you have visited any of these places and loved a dish, I’d love to hear from you. Suggestions for my next trip to Goa are also most welcome!

Sublime – Morjim Beach
This was one of my favorite restaurants of this visit. We went here for dinner right after reaching our hotel in Morjim and visited once again for lunch another day. The food here is fresh, really tasty, healthy for the most part (that also always depends on what you order) and prepared with love. Less Goan, more European cuisine for a world traveller. It’s bang on the beach and has so signage if you try looking for the restaurant from the beach side. However if you approach from the road, you’ll be able to spot ‘Sublime’
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | sublime chairs

Pork Belly for dinner. SO SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | sublime dinner

Sea Bass Carpaccio. This was again, light, fresh and really yummy.I do wish the ingredients were a bit colder though – that would have been a lot more refreshing since it was super hot on the beach.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | sublime sea bass carpaccio

Smoked Salmon on Kale & Pea Pancakes
Again, loved the concept, tasty, light dish (slightly bland for the Indian palette). I would have liked the pancakes to be smaller in size.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | sublime pancakes

Vinayak – Assagao
Vinayak is a local place you head to when you want to imagine yourself as a Goan heading for your daily local lunch break. No fancy tables, settings or cutlery but some good Goan food and chilled beer.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | vinayak on road

Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | vinayak menu

The Verli Rawa Fry (it’s a whole tiny fish that’s fried ad eaten as a snack) MUST NOT BE MISSED. Have it with a chilled beer and you not want anything else.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | vinayak rawa verli

Prawn Masala was yummy too! That’s the entrance to the restaurant. Don’t stop at the indoor seating, keep walking in and you’ll head to an outdoor, covered area that is so much better to sit at.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | vinayak prawns

Batter Fried Calamari was good. Just like calamari pakodas if you will.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | vinayak calamari pakoda

One dish that you can or in-fact should absolutely avoid is the Butter Garlic Calamari – it was made in what seemed and tasted like a Schezwan gravy!!! NOT what we had in mind when we ordered the dish.

Elevar – Ashwem Beach
Elevar is a sister restaurant of Sublime with pretty much the same if not the exact same menu – but a different beach and a slightly different vibe.
For one, their portion sizes are GIGANTIC! The salad I had ordered could have easily been divided into 3 different meals for me.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | elevar menu combo

Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | elevar chairs

The Mega Organic Salad. And they weren’t kidding – it’s truly mega in size. A nice basic salad but maybe too much was happening in it. I personally like my salads to have fewer ingredients so that my brain can recognize the different tastes and textures. When there is too much stuff, I just feel like a cow chomping on grass or something. I wouldn’t order this on my next trip to the restaurant. It wasn’t bad but not special either.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | elevar mega salad

There was a goat’s cheese salad and another one with baked Camembert cheese that looked really good but I couldn’t try them out because I’m currently avoiding dairy. This was one of them.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | elevar goat salad

Sea Bass Fillet – Nice. Not worth a repeat though.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | elevar fish

Gunpowder – Assagao
I first tried Gunpowder ages back when it had opened its first place in Hauz Khas Delhi, Delhi and I was blown away by the food. The Delhi restaurant shut shop, opened a few other cities I presume, those shut too and now one final Gunpowder resides in Goa. So we HAD to visit it. You will find South Indian cuisine here and it’s quite delicious.
I also discovered Simba Beer (Stout) here, made in India and a really good stout too.

Beef Fry – Perfect to be had with a chilled beer. Slightly spicy and very tasty!
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | gunpowder simba beef combo

Spicy Pork Chops – My favorite dish from Gunpowder. Very spicy but totally worth it. And it’s best has with the BEST cocktail in Gunpowder – the Painkiller (hint: t’s got coconut milk in it) and it’s fucking heaven!
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | gunpowder pork chops

Andhra Prawns and a good choice for starters too.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | gunpowder prawns

Gunpowder curries are soulful, homely and total comfort food. I did notice that the curry part of them was not as thick as I remember them being in Delhi (perhaps that was to suit a more North Indian palette, I’m not sure but I prefer thicker gravies and these seemed lighter to me). Tasty nonetheless! We had Pork Idukki, A mutton curry and prawn curry in coconut milk with aapams and malabar parottas. DIVINE!
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | gunpowder curry combo

Leapfrog – Another must-try cocktail. Gin based, light refreshing, slightly tangy and just a perfect drink to order on a hot Goan afternoon.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | gunpowder leapfrog

Antares – Vagator
Antares is an ideal place to head to for a sundowner with drinks, followed by dinner. A beautiful restaurant with a stunning view of the sea.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | antares view

Snapper Ceviche. A light, tasty and very refreshing starter.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | antares ceviche

Another must try is their Goan Pork Sausage Pizza (again, I didn’t have this because of the dairy thing but I could smell it and that was enough for me)

Jardin d’Ulysse – Morjim
The quality of this place seems to have gone down a notch in my opinion. It’s still a pretty restaurant but the food could have been better. I did like their tuna salad in an avocado dish and their cocktails were great. But more than that, I can’t seem to find anything else to say.
Places to Eat | Goa | Akanksha Redhu | jardin

That’s it for now.
Hope you enjoyed the post!
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    Villas in Goa

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