Tate Modern | London

On our very first day in London, Prateeq & I decided to visit Tate Modern to see the international modern and contemporary art that was on display then. This was even before we left for Edinburgh. It’s the type of place that you should visit on every trip of yous to London. I could get lost in here for days!

After getting off the subway. we walked towards Tate Modern and on the way stopped and ate at ‘The Table’. The ‘Chicken Little Sandwich’ and the ‘True Blue Pancakes’ come highly recommended. After our breakfast, we grabbed our coffees and walked towards Tate which is literally across the road from The Table.

I got a bit carried away and clicked what seemed like an entire library of pictures but here is a very VERY abridged version of our visit to Tate. Hope you enjoy it!

The True Blue Pancakes

Chicken Little Sandwich

Walking from Table to Tate. Looking up.

Looking down.

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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  • Reply November 21, 2017


    Tate Modern puts up amazing exhibitions and lovely place to visit and enjoy the river side. National gallery is another one of my favourites – I can get lost there!

    • Reply December 4, 2017


      Totally! I love love love London! 🙂
      And thank you so much for the comment!

  • Reply November 23, 2017


    The Glass reflection pic is superbbb

    • Reply December 4, 2017


      thank you so much!

  • Reply November 24, 2017


    Interesting article

    • Reply December 4, 2017


      Thank you!

  • Reply November 27, 2017


    Wow.. this is an amazing place

    • Reply December 4, 2017


      Yup! It was a lotta fun!

  • Reply November 30, 2017

    Battulal Jewellers

    Hi Akansha, you really did a great work on this post…wonderful pictures..loved em all

    • Reply December 4, 2017


      Thank you!

  • Reply January 20, 2018

    Navbharat Today

    Hey Akansha, great work done awesome pics, it was good to read your london trip.

  • Reply March 9, 2018


    Hi Akanksha, I wholeheartedly loved your contemporary art collection. It’s quite modern, abstract and reflective. Great work.

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