Chanel Huile de Jasmin

I was recently sent across a bottle of this appeasing facial oil by Chanel – Huile de Jasmin, a revitalizing facial oil with Jasmine Extract. I have honestly never used any facial oil before, I have tried a bit of oil-cleansing but that did not seem to suit my acne troubled skin, so this would have been my first time trying out this category of skincare product. I am aware that facial oils have really become popular but like so many things, you don’t realize how much you could like a product until you actually use it.
Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

I decided to carry the Chanel Huile de Jasmin with me to my road trip to the hilly Mukhteshwar which is where I used it for the first time. It carries in it pure oils, including Camellia Oil, Limnathes Alba Oil and Jojoba Oil that deliver moisture and infuse the skin with revitalizing properties. It was rather cold here so the skin was prone to a bit of dryness though not very harshly. I used the product both day and night. In the day I used it on my face after toning and under my Vitamin C serum and for the nights I layered it under my night cream. A little bit of the product goes a long way – I use about three drops for my entire face and that is more than enough for my combination skin.

The facial oil has an ever so light fragrance of Jasmine, if fragrance in beauty products doesn’t irritate your skin, you will love this product. The texture is like an oil but quite light, not at all heavy or greasy. I take the drops on my palm, warm them by rubbing between my palms, dab my palms on my face and then work the product in by massaging with my fingers. It’s almost a therapeutic experience – the application of the oil. The product gets absorbed quite beautifully into the skin but not completely. You can definitely feel like you have applied something very moisturizing but that shouldn’t stop you from applying your regular moisturizer or serum over it to amplify the effects of both products.
Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Just after a day of application, you can feel a certain difference in the softness and suppleness of your skin. There seems to be new life, calmness and it doesn’t seem to aggravate my acne so that’s awesome too. The fragrance lingers on for a few hours but never feels heavy. I love how the simple and chic packaging speaks for the simplicity and lightness of the product it carries.

I even layer the product under my foundation and it imparts a luminous glow to the skin which helps the make-up look more natural and less cakey. So glad I carried this with me to the hills. Loved using it. But I do feel that it maybe a bit much for my combination skin in the hot Delhi summers so I will probably save it for the harsher colder months.

A 50 ml bottle is priced at $120.00

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

Chanel Huile de Jasmin | Akanksha Redhu |

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    GREAT article Akansha.
    I was searching across the Google about the facial Oil. And i found you and really I gonna use this and will post review of this product in comment.

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    I would love it if you kept the box for a pic of the ingredients list. I’ve been searching for reviews and yours is the most in-depth and reliable I’ve seen. I’m interested but don’t want to spend so much money if it as certain oils my skin can’t use.

    • Reply August 25, 2017


      Thanks for dropping a comment! Glad you liked the review 🙂

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