Things I Learnt from Magnetic Fields Festival

I know that I have already shared some of my experience at Magnetic Fields Music Festival, 2016 with you HERE but there was some more remaining to be shared. Along with another outfit ofcourse! Heh! So quickly summing a few things that this music festival which takes place in Alsisar, Rajasthan has taught me:

– The constant sand in the air gives your hair an amazing manageable wavy texture (much like a sea salt spray). It’s true! And I didn’t carry any blow-dryer, hair-irons etc.

– Just how much I love my sleep. And this is a big big lesson. I was so sleep deprived when we reached home that I didn’t get out of my bed for 2 days for anything other than the essentials.

– That it’s totally acceptable to not bathe for 4 days straight just as long as you keep your lady parts clean. I did bathe on one of those days though but that was only because I had a work shoot. Boo! There, I said it.

– Music festivals are probably the only place where you don’t totally hate humans in general coz somehow no-one seems to want to behave like a complete asshole.

– There are 2 kinds of people – those who think that the bindis on your chin are a band-aid(mostly men) and those who’ll ask you if you have any more coz it looks bomb(mostly women)

– Alcohol has been a pretty amazing pal but you’re growing older now & more & more incapable of handling it and that’s somehow totally okay because you couldn’t give two fucks about it. Also, if you try n fight it you make a pretty memorable mockery of yourself. Cheers!

– That I just may be a whiskey kinda gal (after beer ofcourse) – that’s mostly because of the sheer volume of whiskey Jameson made you consume in the span of 4 days (more than what I’ve consumed in all my life combined until now)

– That any kind of food is just so damn good and you eat it because you are lucky enough to have access to it while you spend majority of 4 days being hungover, hungry forever (maybe that’s how the term was coined?)

Cheers you!

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 1

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 2

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 3

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 4

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 5

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 6

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 7

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 8

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 9

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 10

Magnetic Fields Festival | Akanksha Redhu | 11

{ Outfit Details }
Jacket + Dress: H&M
Wristbands: Mix-n-Match from different places & brands
Shoes: Zara
Location: Magnetic Fields, Alsisar, Jhunjunu, Rajasthan
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

Hope you enjoyed the post!
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    Loved those black bracelets !!

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