Christmas Cheer with Dior Makeup

I recently received some very pretty makeup by Dior India to bring in the festive season. A delicious red lipstick, golden nail paint, shimmery blush and a huge bottle of shower oil. Just wanted to share some pics of the products to give you a closer look. These make for perfect Christmas gifts for any woman! Details, names and shade numbers of all products are given towards the end.

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | complete pic

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | blush closed

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | nailpaint closeup

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | blush overall

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick far

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | blush closeup

Dior Makeup | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick closeup straight

{ Product Details }
J’adore perfumed oil for the body and bath
Nail Paint – Diorific Vernis 328 Golden
Lipstick – Diorific Mat 950 Splendor
Blush – DIORBLUSH Splendor 671

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  • Great ideas, relevant to Christmas !

    However, what about pairing these with some stylish outfits?

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