Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

A new fragrance launched by Dior in August 2016 – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a literally like a big dose/injection of flowers and a blast of sexy for me. While I am no expert in fragrances and do not tend to cover them so extensively on my blog as Naina does with her widely popular and visually stunning ‘Fragrance of the Month’ column, I decided to do a feature on the perfume because the bottle was so feminine and Dior was lovely enough to send flowers with it (Absolutely Blooming – get it?). And well if you send me flowers, you know I’m gonna love you hard that day.

While I have always been more of a fan of men’s fragrances, I have developed a taste and started loving some women’s fragrances too (I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old or matured or one of those impending doom kind of words). Absolutely Blooming is a slightly heavy and mainly floral fragrance but it’s not too sweet which is why I love it! I would personally wear it in the evenings for a dinner date and when I’m particularly feeling frisky. This perfume feels really sexy to me. It clings to my skin all through the night and gives me a wonderfully light kiss of flowers to wake up to. Freshly on my skin it reminds me of heady evenings under the golden light of the setting sun in a secret garden somewhere. Perfumes can do that you know!

I also went ahead and made a quick sweet movie with the fragrance. Hope you like it!

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | top middle shot

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | flowers on one side long

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | wide standing

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | with carton

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | flowers everywhere

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | bottle base

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Akanksha Redhu | one rose and bottle

The fragrance can also be shopped at the Dior Beauty Boutique in Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi. Perfect gift for the ladies in your life this Diwali!

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  • Reply September 29, 2016


    Superb i really enjoyed very much with this article here. Really its a amazing article i had ever read. I hope it will help a lot for all. Thank you so much for this amazing posts and please keep update like this excellent article.thank you for sharing such a great blog with us. expecting for your updation.

  • Reply September 30, 2016


    You click so pretty pictures! Even I’m not an expert when it comes to fragrances, that’s why I refrain from reviewing any perfumes on my blog! 😛 But your review is very nice and detailed, loved it. 🙂

    • Reply September 30, 2016


      Thank you so much for the lovely comment Dipti 🙂

  • Reply September 30, 2016

    Deepika Verma

    I so wanna give it a try!! can you suggest a good rosy perfume?

    • Reply September 30, 2016


      Thank you for the comment Deepika. I’m not a big fan of rosy fragrances so I don’t think I’m the best person to give you suggestions on that 🙂

  • Reply February 1, 2017


    good post.thanks for launching new fragrance.people would love buying it.

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