Monsoon Beauty Regime with Spawake

Living in Delhi with the polluted atmosphere and the extreme seasons has some definite downfalls for the skin and takes it’s toll unless you fight back with a hard-core skincare regime and protect and provide your skin with all that you can. My beauty regime changes a little bit with each season because the temperatures and conditions can get quite extreme. The monsoons are no different – while the temperature may be bearable and even pleasant on a few days, the excessive humidity and false sense of no sun damage can play tricks with the skin. Girls…the sun is always out there! Come rain, winter, clouds and summers. And you must do all you can to protect your skin, make it strong, keep it hydrated, clean it well and try to reverse the sun damage that has already happened. I have recently started using the Spawake Whitening Regime for the monsoons – it is a simple, quick 4 step regime that I follow twice a day and includes all the important steps – cleanse + tone + serum + moisturize. Unlike most beauty brands that promise to make you fairer, the Spawake Whitening Regime actually works at improving the overall skin tone, giving your skin a refreshing glow and helping in lightening skin tone. All their products have Japanese kelp, sea minerals, Vitamin C & B3 that make your skin feel like it has just come out of a relaxing spa. The products that I am currently using are:

1) Spawake Whitening Scrub Face Wash
2) Spawake Whitening Clear Toner
3) Spawake Whitening Triple Care Serum
4) Spawake Whitening Fairness Gel Cream

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | only products in bed

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | half front holding baggy in focus

Here is a lowdown on all the products, how I use them and how my skin feels after usage.

1) Spawake Whitening Scrub Face Wash

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | scrub standing
I personally prefer using a scrub to a basic face-wash so this is a great addition to my stash. The face scrub has very fine apricot scrub particles in a clear gel-like moisturising base. Enriched with Sea Minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3, the scrub is light enough to use twice daily and you can actually feel the fine grains exfoliating the skin while you are applying it in circular motions.
On the bottle, it is mentioned that you should apply it directly to dry skin and then rinse off. I have used it on both dry and wet skin and found that it is equally effective. However when I use it on dry skin, I feel that the exfoliation is a bit stronger.
I use 2 tiny pea sizes of the product, one on each cheek and that is enough for the entire face. The product has a very refreshing fragrance and gets rinsed off easily.
What I love the most about this product is that it actually leaves your skin feeling moisturised and supple. Not even the slightest feeling of tightness or dryness even after you have pat-dried your face.
Price – 50g: ₹ 69 | 100g: ₹ 129

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | taking out scrub from baggy

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | ful front sunbeds

2) Spawake Whitening Clear Toner
After pat-drying my face I pour a bit of the toner on my palms, clap both my palms together and pat them on my face. You can ofcourse use the product with a cotton ball or pad but I just use my hands – saves trees!
The toner has a similar fragrance to the scrub, it is a clear liquid, looks and feels just like water and really wakes up the skin. Not sticky at all and gets absorbed into the skin with great ease. It definitely seems to have a calming effect on the skin. Toning is a very important step because it gets rid of the last traces of impurities and even makeup that your face-wash or scrub couldn’t get to.
Loving the fact that this toner contains sea minerals, Vitamin C & B3 and glycerine that again is very hydrating for the skin.
Price – 200ml: ₹ 249

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | toner flatlay long

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | toner using long

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | playing with hair portrait

3) Spawake Whitening Triple Care Serum

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | serum standing long
This little bottle is the star of the beauty regime! Along with Vitamin C & B3, this serum has Algae extract that helps in brightening the complexion.

The Whitening Triple Care Serum works with a Triple Action:
1. Reduces melanin production 2. Prevents melanin accumulation 3. Hydrates & takes care of the skin.

The serum is light-weight, non-sticky and slightly opaque visually. I take out 3 pumps of the product onto my palms and spread the serum all over my face. It is very easy to spread onto the skin and gets absorbed very naturally leaving my skin feeling really hydrated and healthy. This serum works wonders to brighten dull skin and lighten dark spots.
Packed with vitamins and sea minerals, the serum leaves the skin radiant and simply happy.
The pump design of the bottle is great because it helps in preserving all the active ingredients of the product and it comes with a transparent cap that prevents the pump from getting pressed during travel. You can take it with you anywhere in any bag!
Price – 45ml: ₹ 399

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | serum using lips

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | serum on hand

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | lying in bed with products

4) Spawake Whitening Fairness Gel Cream

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | cream standing
This luxuriously hydrating gel cream looks like cream but acts like a gel. And a little bit goes a long long way! I take out the slightest amount on my ring finger, spread it between my palms and then onto my face. On initial application you feel that it maybe a bit too moisturising because it leaves a sheen on the skin but that gets absorbed within the next 5 minutes to give your skin a bouncy hydration boost and leaves no greasy feeling at all.
I love multi-functioning products and this also has an SPF15 factor which protects against harmful UVA & UVB rays so no need to apply sunscreen after!
Price – 25g: ₹ 129 | 50g: ₹ 249

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | opening cream bottle wide

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | applying cream long

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | sitting in bed

I like the fact that all the products have a similar refreshing fragrance that lingers on and that Spawake has managed to simplify and quicken a daily beauty regime with such simple steps because we can always do with more time during our days. Quick, effective and most importantly – happily hydrating! Your skin will feel pampered and well.
Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | full back walking

Spawake Whitening Regime | Akanksha Redhu | products in bed wide

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experience.

Spawake products are available online.

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    I always get lazy to go through the entire routine. While all other months of the year are relatively alright, the monsoon is one season where my skin really takes a beating. Thanks for sharing your skin routine. A great reminder for me to be on my toes before I encounter breakouts.

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    I really liked the stuff…i ll definitely try this on my skin too 🙂 The packaging looks amazing!!!

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