Mornings in Bali

There is something so simple and peaceful about waking up in Bali when you know you’re there for a month. No to-do lists to mentally go over in the morning, no traffic and honking outside your window, no stress about getting ready and rushing over for meetings – it’s just so basic – wake up, stretch in bed in my super cute Perch Sleepwear set, laze around, wait for breakfast by the pool or garden and just be. That’s it! Just be. My mornings in Ubud were so serene. After having breakfast we’d hop onto our bike and leave for literally wherever the day took us. Our hotel in Ubud was also so beautiful and away from the crowded Ubud central. More about that in this post but here is an Ubud morning:

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | lying straight

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | sitting stretching in bed

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | on tummy far long

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | bed combo

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | property wide

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | on tummy long

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | cover

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | combo face through net

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | on tummy wide

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | pendant

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | full front bushes

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | full front arms up garden

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | pool

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | full side back hand on pocket

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | sitting orchids

Bali | Akanksha Redhu | pink flowers

{ Outfit Details }
Sleepwear: Perch Sleepwear
Pendant: Eina Ahluwalia
Location: Inang Villa, Ubud, Bali
Photographs of me courtesy Aman Godara

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