Ubud, Bali

This one is all about the hotel where we stayed – Inang Villa in Ubud, Bali. Booked it through Airbnb for 4 nights. Click here to claim my Airbnb travel credit. What I loved most about this property was the fact that it was located away from the touristy crowded areas of Ubud – a 10 minute drive to Ubud Palace which is where all the crowd gathers. It is a peaceful and serene location between rice fields and you never really feel like leaving the property because they have a great pool and serve the best iced teas and delicious balinese banana cakes as an evening snack everyday! Since we were staying for more than 1 night, we were also given complimentary foot massages by the pool which were truly divine (tip: get them on your last day of stay so that you give your feet a treat after all the walking you will do in Ubud). There is also a shuttle service anytime you need to drop you off and pick you up from Ubud Palace during the day. Their breakfast is also worthy of a mention – the best breakfast we got between all the airbnbs that we stayed at in Bali (total 4). I will now leave you with photographs of the property and our stay.

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | sitting poolside fountain

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | property 1 phone

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | splashing water

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | orchid in front  of rooms

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | sitting in pool back

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | property 2 wide

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | fish

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | brekkie cup branding

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | combo 2 brekkie

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | sittingin front of gate

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | pool and rooms

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | pool reflection wide

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | combo 5 hotdogs

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | sitting in pool only water

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | combo 3 staircase

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | oh snap sunbed

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | water

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | sitting in pool phone wide

Ubud | Akanksha Redhu | combo1 grass bricks

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