Aye Captain

More sailor vibes in my perfectly nautical look in Koh Samui. And since sailors need to have their gadgets in place for direction and communication and what not, I couldn’t leave behind the brilliant smart watch – Moto 360 2nd Gen and my Moto X Style cellphone which took such stunning pictures of the beach where we spent the day.

I paired a classic striped top with a pair of summery light blue cotton shorts for an easy, comfortable and light day in the tropic heat of Koh Samui. The Moto 360 2nd Gen is a feature packed smart-watch and has my favorite of them all – the pedometer. I’m crazy about pedometers currently and this does the job perfectly. Plus you can connect the watch to your Google Fit account to keep everything backed up. Another feature I really like is ofcourse Google Keep with which you can see all your to-do lists on the watch. I also love to play around with the display of the watch – there are so many options that you can download from Google Playstore. I’m using the ‘Mysterious Forest’ watchface here. The Moto X Style won my heart with the crisp pictures it clicked and the spectacular display screen it has. It is also very useful when you are travelling because it has a dual sim feature. The cellphone also has a water-repellent coating protecting it from the inside out so it’s great when you’ve just taken a dip on the beach and want to take a quick selfie with your wet hands.

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | full front

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | half front longer

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | hand in pocket logo on watch

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | phone on ear

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | half back

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | flatlay total

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | full side

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | half front hair fly

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | watchface

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | taking phone out of pocket

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | social media

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | phone screen

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | half front legs apart

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | phone closeup flatlay

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | #RedhuxKohSamui | back of watch

{ Outfit Details }
Top + Shorts: Nautica
Smartwatch (Moto 360 2nd Gen) + Cellphone (Moto X Style): Motorola
Sunglasses: H&M
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

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