Beach Day – Koh Samui

A sunny, cool and completely relaxed beach day at Ban Tai Beach in Koh Samui. There are always a few staples that I always carry with me when I know I’m going to be spending the day on the beach:
– sunglasses
– a bedsheet as a beach spread. When it’s just me I can manage with a standard sarong or scarf that doubles up as my beach spread but when it’s the 2 of us then it makes much more sense to carry a whole bedsheet that you can comfortably spread and lounge around on – no sheet hogging!
– some form of social media to keep me connected – my cellphone and also my HP Pavilion X2 because it’s so tiny and compact and full of features. I don’t have to constantly strain my eyes browsing websites on the phone when I carry this (which is pretty much on all my travels nowadays)
– sunscreen
– an intense body lotion – to soothe sunburnt skin. I absolutely swear by the Soundarya Ultra Rich Body Lotion by Forest Essentials – it’s super hydrating and a little bit goes a long long way! It also has natural sunscreen so that’s a perfect added bonus.
– a scarf/ stole that I use as a sarong or wrap when I want to cover up for some ‘decent’ pictures. lol
lip balm (because I carry this everywhere)
– a tiny bottle of hair conditioner (just incase there is a public shower available). It really really helps your hair out trust me! Love the Bengal Tuberose one by Forest Essentials.
– a big-ass beach bag that fits everything
– and lastly and most importantly: nothing on my mind

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | sitting looking at sea

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | half side trees holding hp

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay with feet

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | sitting face in camera

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | looking down big towel label

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay hp in centre

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | lying down badass

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | forest essentials bottles

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | sitting with laptop in lap

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | holding lotion

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | lying down

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | full side sea holding hp

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | pouring lotion in hand

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | bikini hairflip holding towel

Koh Samui | Akanksha Redhu | sunglasses

{ Outfit Details }
Shirt : Forever 21
Bedsheet + Towels: Spaces – Home & Beyond
Scarf: Shingora
Laptop: HP India
Beauty products: Forest Essentials
Sunglasses + Beach Bag: H&M
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

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