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Even though I may have a hidden tomboy in some nook & cranny of my heart, I do love my jewellery and I do love my dresses from time to time – especially when it’s to get ready for date night. While I have technically never really been on a date (nerd alert), I have more often than not imagined what a first date would be like. And I have imagined what I would wear for the occasion as well.

I usually first decide what accessories or jewellery I’d like to go for and decide my outfit around that. And I have recently found a really great jewellery app by Melorra that is excitingly very inspiring. While you can do the usual stuff like browse through their catalog and shop the jewellery you like, the best part about the app is their editorials – each and every piece of jewellery has been styled impeccably, worn by real models and categorized based on occasion or collection. The app is literally a magazine for jewellery. And one that you can shop instantly.
{ The Melorra app is available for both IOS and ANDROID }

When I browsed through the Melorra app for the first time, I noticed that their jewellery is specifically meant to be worn in real, day-to-day life and is even suitable for work outfits. It’s subtle, delicate, pretty, sophisticated with clean lines & cuts and is surprisingly affordable. I have my eye on so many stack-able rings for myself! Real, certified jewellery you can put to very good use regardless of the time and age. The designs are trendy, based on research and it’s refreshing to find a hint of edginess in beautiful jewellery like this – for example my pair of earrings – they both are different from each other, one is long and dangly and the other is just the stud part – a detail I found very interesting. I’ve always had fun wearing A LOT of rings together which is what I’ve done here as well.

Since I’m a huge believer of comfort when it comes to fashion and personal style, for a ‘first date’ I would personally lean towards a lady-like dress but definitely something I can imagine wearing for the entire evening, being able to sit comfortably in it and nothing over-the-top – no sequins and loud statements. Lets keep it simple. After deciding my jewellery, I finalized on this cozy and classy maxi dress with silver shoes to compliment the jewelry. A stunning red lip, basic black eyeliner and a clutch to carry my essentials. It all makes for a very successful first date outfit, don’t you think?


Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | rings on clutch long

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | full side arm on waist

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | table rings

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | rings closeup

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | full side twirl

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | half front swing necklace

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | face earring

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | mirror

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | branding on bangle

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | side face earring rings bangle

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | full front

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | flatlay necklace earrings

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | table seated bright

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | half side with clutch

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | holding bangle closeup

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | half front front face hair up

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | ring focus lips

Melorra Jewelry | Akanksha Redhu | products wide

{ Outfit Details }
All Jewellery: Melorra | IOS | ANDROID |
Dress + Shoes + Clutch: H&M
Location Courtesy: Pluck at Pullman Hotel, New Delhi
Photographs courtesy Aman Godara

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