Spawake Moisture Fresh BB Cream

This one is the newest BB cream baby on the block. And OBVIOUSLY I had to try it out (I do love my BB creams). BB merely stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and essentially a BB cream is a single product with multi-tasking properties that protects, moisturises, provides coverage and more.

The Moisture Fresh BB Cream is the latest launch by Spawake. The brand is known to enrich their products with elements of the sea to ‘wake’ up your skin and make you feel like you have just been to the spa. The BB cream has sea minerals like Laminaria Japonica and sea salt. Laminaria Japonica is extracted from Japanese kelp (sea weed)and is said to have hydrating properties. And natural sea salt is not only rich in minerals but also anti-inflammatory. It’s main focus is hydration and moisturisation, hence the name ‘Moisture Fresh’ that also corrects the skin tone and provides coverage. Here is my experience in using the Spawake Moisture Fresh BB Cream.
Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | tube with face blurred

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | 4 with bag

I’m glad that the product comes in a tube form where you need to squeeze out exactly the amount of product you need. The problem with open jars is that it leaves all the product open to the air and the bacteria that your finger tips maybe carrying inside the jar. This slender tube allows you to get a feel of the product and decide how you would like to use it. It is also very light-weight and the perfect size for travel clutches – not too small that you may need to buy more and not too big to fit either. The product is priced at an extremely competitive price of just ₹ 249/- for a 30ml tube and ₹ 129/- for a 15ml tube! The BB cream has a very refreshing and mild fragrance.

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | face with carton

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | 4 alone

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | back of carton

When you first squeeze the cream out of the tube, you realize that it is nowhere near as thick as a cream. It almost has a watery texture to it but held together very well – it doesn’t run on application. I found that the BB cream in 01 Perfect Glow suits my skin tone better than 02 Natural Glow which is a slightly darker shade. Also, the 01 Perfect Glow has better coverage if you are looking to cover your marks. The product glides very easily onto the skin and I find it best to spread it on the skin with my fingers. It doesn’t cake-up at all like a foundation or concealer does when you tend to rub it in too much. The Spawake Moisture Fresh BB Cream has a very comfortable and natural texture to it and it feels like a second skin to say. I usually apply dots of it across my face if I’m looking for lighter coverage or larger patches if I want heavier coverage.

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | coming out of tube

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | spread with finger

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | spread more with finger

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | 2 packs with bag

The Spawake Moisture Fresh BB cream stays true to its name and really gives you the maximum hydration and moisture. I think that this product would be heaven sent for dry skin. Since I have a very oily skin, I can even skip my moisturiser before using the BB cream. Wash your face and apply the BB cream and you are ready to go. That’s it! Just one step – just one product. Nothing else. Because this BB cream is your moisturiser, your skin tone corrector, even your sunscreen and your light make-up. Since my acne marks are very stubborn, I do need to apply a concealer over the BB cream as an extra step if I’m looking for the coverage I need. And it leaves my face with a dewy, hydrated and supple feeling that lasts me till the evening. This is my face with no moisturiser, no foundation. I have applied the 01 Perfect Glow Spawake Moisture Fresh BB cream and topped it off with concealer for my marks. Some finishing touches with mascara, eyeliner and lip tint ofcourse!
Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | face after application

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | single tube in hand

Best Features:
–> It is amazing how you can have so many properties tied up into one product in one tube that you can carry with you everywhere – Moisturiser + Corrector + Medium Coverage makeup + Sunscreen (SPF 25/PA++).
–> Ideal for dry skin since it provides some really impressive hydration.
–> Compact and smart tube packaging that doesn’t waste any product.
–> Insanely competitive pricing.

Spawake products can be purchased online at NewU and Myntra.

Spawake BB Moisture Fresh | BBcream | Akanksha Redhu | cover

Hope you enjoyed my review and got a fair idea of what the product is like. Do share your thoughts with me if you use the product and please leave any further questions that you may have in the comments below.

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    Hi thank you for the review I have bought 2 shade but I will use it thank you for the review part.

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    u also give review for this herbal product.

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