Ohne Titel | NYFW | Spring Summer 2016

The Ohne Titel runway show for NYFW happened today at 7:00pm at Skylight at Clarkson Square, NYC. It drizzled the whole day but luckily we didn’t have to walk too much from the subway station at Houston St. That is what the crossing at Clarkson Sq looks like.
Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | clarkson sq

The seating at the show was extremely efficient and thankfully very well lit. A lot of the styles were delicate and perfect for spring but had a bit of edge in them. Sheer bands across formal pants, organza trench coats, bits of lace peeking out and beautiful narrow pleats in abundance. Think of flowy chiffon silhouettes, one-shoulder knit tops and a few fabulous chain & macrame fringe dresses. You will clearly be able to point out my favorite pieces because I have shared more than one photographs of those.
Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | seating

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | chain dress contrast

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | front slit skirt

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | leather bow

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | chain dress side

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | bnw dress full

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | shoes

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | bhumika teal wide

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | black lacey dress

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | bnw dress side dark

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | teal bodysuit

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | white half side

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | lace bandeau side

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | chain top

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | black formal look

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | red look wide

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | off shoulder

A quick pit stop to the ladies-room post the show and back home to edit the day’s photographs.

Ohne Titel | NYFW | #RedhuxNYC | ladies room

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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