Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Spring 2015

Happy,pretty garden blooms are the inspiration for the latest Spring 2015 Chanel makeup collection – Collection Rêverie Parisienne. With lively and enchanting colors this collection is all about natural beauty with subtle yet strong flavors to it. The colors range from delicate to deep. I find myself drawn more strongly to the lighter shades in this collection because they are the most natural ones I have come across in most makeup I have tried.
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | makeup tall
The collection is now available in India. Here are the products that I received from the Collection Rêverie Parisienne to try out:

Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | looking into mirror
Here is more about the products I got to try.
LE VERNIS { Nail Color } – 643 DÉSIRIO |
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | nails with paint bottle
The 643 DÉSIRIO is a vibrant plum shade that gives a great contrast to the minimal/ neutral makeup I have on my face. It is neither too dark nor too subtle which makes it quite an evergreen shade that you can wear all year round. The formula is superb too. A little bit goes a long way.You can literally apply one coat and be absolutely done. My nails here have just a single coat as well. I adored the formula of this shade!
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | nail paint all makeup

STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF { Long-Lasting Eyeliner } – 912 ARDOISE |
The best part about Chanel eyeliners is how smoothly they get applied on the eyelids. No matter how dry your lids maybe, the eyeliner never dries out and is very easy to glide on the skin. Not a particular fan of this dull grey but I love the quality of the product nonetheless.
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | stylo all makeup

LES 4 OMBRES { Multi-effect Quadrs Eyeshadow } – 236 TISSÉ FANTAISIE
This quad is a lovely feminine combination of 4 shimmery shades – a delicate coral, an icy grey, a golden olive and a copper. The shades do not come out as shimmery as they appear on their pans when you apply them on your eyelids. Perhaps applying a creamy base first will enhance that effect if you are looking for it. I usually never have the patience of doing an elaborate eye using all the colors in a palette but I do love using a single color at a time. That is so much less time consuming and easy to get the hang of. My favorite out of the four is definitely the coral shade. Just perfect for a casual day.
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | quad all makeup

ROUGE COCO SHINE { Hydrating Sheer Lipshine } – 98 ÉTOURDIE |
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | putting lipstick on close up lips
This lipstick is a subtle & light pink with specks of shimmer in. The shimmer doesn’t pass on to the lips but the lipstick imparts just a slight hint of pearly flush. This is by far the MOST natural looking lipstick I have found for myself. And I love that it has pink in it because you need that tiny hint of color and health to the lips. Personally I cannot stand the brown nude lipsticks that a lot of people call natural looking. Natural to me is with a bit of healthy glow.
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | only lipstick

Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | putting lipstick on full face
The color is not really builable which is why I am actually using this lipstick as often and much as I would use a lip balm. It gives a slick finish – not too glam and not too dry & dull. Since it has that sheen to it, the lipstick will definitely not last as long as your mattes do but it is very hydrating and keeps your babies well hydrated & supple.
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | lipstick makeup bckgrnd

I love how free and vibrant the shades in the Collection Rêverie Parisienne are! What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them already?
Collection Rêverie Parisienne | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | all makeup

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    Oh I wanted to see how the blushes look on you! They have some really pretty ones in the collection! 🙂

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      Aaah! will definitely try them next time 🙂

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    that lipstick looks so delicious! I love your Chanel beauty posts, they give me some great ideas about what to expect from their new collections.

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    Oh wow Akanksha! I love how the lipstick looks on you:)

    • Reply January 6, 2015


      Thank you so much Fiona! I’m in love with this lipstick too!

  • Reply January 7, 2015


    this looks like a great nail color and yes it would go for both winters and summers! thanks for the review!

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    love your neon pop necklace!

  • Reply January 8, 2015


    Beautiful! The lipstick looks beautiful on your juicy lips! 🙂

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    how do you get so much free chanel makeup. even I want.

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    this looks like a great nail..

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