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I recently got my hands on two evergreen makeup products by Bobbi Brown, one of which has become a permanent feature in my daily-sling-bag. The products that I got to try out are The Brightening Blush in Pink 2 from the Surf & Sand Collection and Rich Lip Color in Taffeta 38, the latter being the one that I now carry with me everywhere.
Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | product shoot both

Rich Lip Color in Taffeta 38 | ₹ 2,100/-
{ Rating: 7.5/10 }

Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | full face with lipstick on lips
~ This is a lovely fresh everyday pink that is perfect for a day-time summer look.
~ This lipstick has a light-weight color saturated formula that is quite moisturizing and doesn’t dry out after a while but has a slight tendency to settle into creases in time. To avoid this you can blot it 2-3 times.
~ It gives an almost matte look with just a hint of creaminess and is a refreshingly natural color.
~ I would advise not to apply base under the lipstick to help it suit and adapt to your skin-tone in the best way possible.
~ It goes great with a clean nude face.
Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | product shot lipstick

Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | lipstick swatch on hand

Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | lip closeup

Limited Edition Brightening Blush in Pink 2 – Surf & Sand Collection | ₹ 3,100/-
{ Rating: 6/10 }

Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | blusher open with face
~ This blusher mirror compact comes with 3 shades, all with a pearlized finish that give an illuminating glow to the face when applied.
~ For the most natural look, I would apply only the largest plate of pink that makes your skin look just a bit sun-kissed. If you mix all three, there is a definite increase in the sheen to the skin that I personally find a bit excessive, but I reckon women might like it for a party/glam look.
~ It is fairly easy to apply and has an impressive staying-power.
~ I use the narrow strip of white as a highlighter even for the inner corners of my eye.
~ I would ideally carry this product with me on a beach holiday where the harsh sunlight would down-play the sheen and give me a natural day-time glow.
Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | blush back
This is what both the products look like on me. Over basic concealer and foundation.
Makeup Pick Me Ups | Bobbi Brown | | only face
Have you used any of these products? What are your favourite ones? I would love to know.
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{ Both products have been sent across as samples by the PR }


  • Reply August 29, 2014


    Love the Surf & Sand collection! The blush looks nice. Using white as a highlighter is a great tip. I’d definitely try that.

  • Reply August 29, 2014


    The blush looks so nice…shiny and pearly…and the lipstick is definitely light enough for daily wear. love the review

  • Reply August 29, 2014


    your skin is soo awesome…lovely shade

    shikha would like you to read…colorfull everyday bra

  • Reply September 3, 2014


    what i like about Bobbi Brown products is they look so natural

  • Reply September 12, 2014

    Apsara Mishra


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    Nice blog you have there. Do take out a minute to visit my blog. Thanks.

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