Agonda Beach – II { GOA }

I know its been quite a while since I posted about Goa and the rest of my road-trip. Had been travelling again ( not complaining at all ). Here is the second series from our stay at Monsoon Guest House at Agonda Beach, Goa. You can view the first of the series HERE.
More walks on the beach, more sunsets, playing with doggies, a beach wedding and lots more!
Agonda Beach | Goa | | half front hair fly
Breakfast at Monsoon Guest House.
Agonda Beach | Goa | | brekkie

Agonda Beach | Goa | | front half head tilt
The beach in all its glory at peak afternoon.
Agonda Beach | Goa | | beach

Agonda Beach | Goa | | half front head side
Doggie on the beach.
Agonda Beach | Goa | | doggie
I could do this everyday of my life.
Agonda Beach | Goa | | cyclists on beach

Agonda Beach | Goa | | front three fourth

Agonda Beach | Goa | | full front

Agonda Beach | Goa | | rings

Agonda Beach | Goa | | front three fourth hair
A setup being done for a Indian beach wedding.
Agonda Beach | Goa | | beach wedding
Fish for dinner errday.
Agonda Beach | Goa | | fish

Agonda Beach | Goa | | front half hand on glasses

Agonda Beach | Goa | | side half

Agonda Beach | Goa | | pano

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses + Accessories + Skirt: Forever21
Bikini: Marks & Spencer

And that FINALLY concludes the ‘Goa’ posts I had from my last road trip. Hampi & Gokarna are still left!
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