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I love wearing ‘bindis’. I don’t nearly wear them as much as I love them for which I’d like to casually blame my social conditioning. As a girl you are almost always encouraged to wear a bindi with an Indian outfit. Its supposed to be the socially ‘right’ thing to do according to a lot of aunties. And I’m not using the word aunty in a derogatory manner at all. These are the aunties that all of us have in our families, the ones we love to hate, the ones who talk too loudly, the ones who opine too much, the ones who tell you how you should dress and behave as a lady (coz God forbid they find out you’re NOT one), etc etc. By now you either know the aunties I’m talking about or you have been lucky enough to not have any in your family cirle.
Getting back to bindis. All aunties tell you how your Indian outfit is incomplete without a bindi. So did mine. As any ‘normal’ person would, I had the child-like reaction of complete rebellion. Hated bindis – the sight and thought of wearing any. That was until the voices of the aunties faded out in the recent years. And by faded out I don’t mean they stopped talking…I just stopped giving a fuck. That’s when I truly fell in love with bindis. In their small way they somehow make a person look so unique, even aloof. Atleast to me. So from time to time I like wearing a bindi EVEN with my non Indian outfits (me secretly smiling while the aunties in my head cringe at my ‘fashion choice’) FUN.
Would you wear a bindi with a non-Indian outfit?
Bindi on a Bad Bunny
Jacket: Vintage | Bunny skeleton top: Gift | Black Denims: Mango | Shoe: ALDO |


  • Reply August 8, 2013


    Oh god yes, a side order of bindis with whatever I’m wearing! ^.^ So I kinda crushed on you, your style, last year when I first saw that polka dots post, it was certainly unique and yeah, I’ve seen other girls sport it before but the whole look just came together, on you. And I know what you mean about conforming and the rules of certain traditions, this and that etc., it’s just weird to me how people don’t necessarily think of traditions as something that is visually appealing, as is art, as is style. Anyway BOO to them, I really liked the writing here and I wish there were more pictures because you look so cool

    P.S. I did wear a bright blue bindi once with a loose blouse and blue pants last year after witnessing it on your post, no one really gave me a second glance but I did feel cool roaming the streets, on the day. Haha! Next up, I’m itching to get my hands on a pretty, rustic gold maang tikka… it would look super sassy with jackets, I suppose. 🙂

    • Reply August 8, 2013


      ohh! its so cool that you remember my polka post 🙂 and I secretly crush on maang tikkas too! just haven’t figured an easy and good way for them to stay in place though..
      thanks for the lovely comment *mmmuah* 🙂

  • Reply August 8, 2013


    *so cool here!

  • Hell yeah – I wear bindis, maang tikkas, mojris all the time and love ’em. As for the ‘aunties’, off with their heads I say 😉

  • Reply August 26, 2013


    Love the rings…..

  • Reply September 4, 2013


    Omg!! Totally loved your ‘bindi’ look on western outfits! You won’t believe me and my sisters tried sporting a bindi once on loose green blouse and pants and it actually looked appealing. That’s what the aunties (you were talking about) felt too. 😛
    Looking at your pic I got even more inspired to do this a bit more often by trying out different bindis. Nice blog!!

  • Reply April 18, 2014


    juts found your website perusing from one place to another..god am i glad. So brilliant and well thought out AND slick and saucy to look at also.

    As far as the bindi goes, let me tell you YES, i definitely wear it with ‘western’ outfits – rocking it at any festival (Coachella being the best) here is like honestly the best thing ever. In fact, i’d say the number of non-Indians wearing the bindi is just astounding!
    Love it!

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