Summer { Beauty – Loot }

The crazy heat really knows how to do a number on my skin…a few bops of acne always pay a visit when the weather changes so drastically so I decided to stock up on some products to handle the problem from its roots. Ofcourse I didn’t just buy what was needed! Had to pick up more supplies…coz lets face it…too much is never enough?!
Here is a peek into my latest loot:

Cetaphil DAM – Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion
This has been a very loyal product ever since my skin matured out of its teens. Just a simple basic moisturizer with no fancy claims or ingredients. Does only what its supposed to do – moisturize. I can say its really good for sensitive skin since I have sensitive skin. Never caused any trouble. I may try a myriad of new and different products but this is my one favourite constant. Not too heavy for the day and not too light for bed.

Summer Beauty Loot - Cetaphil DAM

Summer Beauty Loot - Cetaphil DAM

Dr. Reddy’s – Salicylix SF12
This is the first time I have picked it up. Review will come in a different blog post but I was really happy to FINALLY find a product with such a high concentration of Salycylic Acid…an ingredient you learn to worship if you have had acne troubles. The usual run-of-the-mill stuff has about a maximum of 2-3% w/w of salicylic acid in it…even the stuff prescribed by your dermatologists. I asked mine for an acne sos solution and he recommended something called Salyzap Gel. I looked at it and found it had only 1.5% w/w in it and cost about ₹ 160/- *Blah* These are literally of no use. After interrogating the chemist more about any products with stronger amounts of salicylic acid he showed me Salycylix SF12 with a whopping 12% w/w in it and I had dollar signs in my eyes! This cost a mere ₹ 60/- Cant wait to try this and review it!

Summer Beauty Loot - Salicylix SF12

Summer Beauty Loot - Salicylix SF12

Bobino Cable Buddy Cord Wrap
While this has nothing whatsoever to do with beauty, it was just too cute and functional to pass. Definitely a very handy thing especially if you are hugely into music.

Bobino Cord Wrap

QVS Foundation Brush + Concealer Brush + Makeup Wedges
These are in my experience the best value-for-money makeup brushes and applicators you can find. Really good with their job, no bristle shedding and easy to use. I usually get mine from the New-U stores in the malls. Quick and easy. Makeup wedges are my favourite tool because these apply concealer effortlessly and with amazing coverage under the eyes – the type of finish you just cannot get with a brush or your fingers.

Summer Beauty Loot - QVS Concealer Brush

Summer Beauty Loot - QVS Foundation Brush

Summer Beauty Loot - QVS Makeup Tools

Summer Beauty Loot - QVS Makeup Wedges

Summer Beauty Loot - QVS Makeup Tools

Leaving you with this amazing tutorial that you must watch showing different ways to apply concealer under the eyes and also includes using makeup wedges/sponge.


  • Reply June 4, 2013


    But wedges soak up a lot of liquid ya. Hate them with a vengeance 😛

    • Reply June 5, 2013


      That’s why you should spritz some water on the wedges before using them for blending…watch the video…shows you how!

  • Reply June 12, 2013


    As a Dermatologist, I strongly recommend you do not use 12% salicylic acid on your face: it is a product meant for cracked heels and not for facial application. Also, the ointment base may be comedogenic.

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