Wedding 101 – Your Extensive Guide to Looking Good at Indian Weddings

After the conclusion of the recent ‘Wedding Season’, yes, that IS a real thing in India, I decided to share some looks that I myself adopted while attending a couple of weddings this season. There are the outfits, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The look comprises of so much more – the make-up, the jewelry and even the perfume you pick out. So here is the complete dig.
Look I

|Photograph courtesy Naina @|

Don’t the flowers in the hair breathe new life into the same outfit? This is an Anarkali Suit with a churidar & dupatta that I designed myself and got it stitched from a local tailor. And I absolutely LOVE IT! The advantages of getting your wedding/Indian outfits stitched yourself are almost endless. You get an amazing customized fit, you are the boss of whatever fabrics are used – no need to complain over cheap fabrics or too expensive fabrics. You set your own budget & have endless possibilities to work with withing that budget. You get to choose your very own favourite color combinations that you like and are not able to find anywhere in readymade. Theres lots more but im afraid I will keep writing all day then.
This particular outfit mostly has chanderi fabric, a bodice of pure silk brocade and trims of velvet & copper sequins. I like my bling but I dont like to get blinded by it!
Here is the pic of the entire outfit:

|Anarkali suit+churidar+dupatta: Designed by me||Makeup: MAC & Ambika Pillai Products||Jutis/Shoes: Dilli Haat||Jewelry: Vintage|

Look II

|Kurta+Churidar+Dupatta: Ritu Kumar||Ear Danglers: Amrapali Jewels||Gold neck chain: Vintage|
For those of you who regularly follow my blog (although I myself have not been too regular with my updates lately…sorry about that!) you will know of my undying obsession & love with all things Ritu Kumar. This set of straight kurta + churidar + net dupatta is a Ritu Kumar piece that I bought about a month ago. There is a certain maturity that comes with most of her pieces and I love indulging myself in that. Ofcourse I try to balance that out with a young, bright & vibrant color lipstick or nailpaint and an up-do of my hair. I had realized that I had no traces of blue in my ‘Indian Wardrobe’ which was quite surprising since Blue is an amazing color for almost all skin tones. So after trying it out just once, I picked it up!

**The ear rings are also one of my most favourite recently shopped items. From Amrapali Jewels. They are gold plated and came at a steal of about ₹ 6000.00
**I do like to wear a bindi now and again. I feel it makes me look a bit older but thats ok. I suddenly feel a bit more responsible when I wear a bindi. My mom loves that more than I do!
**There are a few golden rules about makeup in these scenarios if you are doing it yourself. If you stick to the basics, and keep it simple you will look effortlessly fabulous! As you can notice my go-to look is the winged black eyeliner, loads of mascara and a bright red lipstic (Ambika Pillai). Another game changer I like to put to use is my Vanilla Moon Powder from MAC. I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, browbones and the inner corner of my eyes. Also please never skip on the blush. Otherwise you will end up looking really pale in all the photographs.
Here are some inspirational makeup looks. Remember – Keep It Simple and play with the basics.

|Photographs courtesy Pinterest|
{1} & {3} You can literally never go wrong with flowers. It is such a simple addition and it can make you look over ten times more gorgeous than just plain makeup. Pick your favourite, get some pins and go crazy!
{2} & {6} Although I am not too comfortable myself with eyeshadows, but if you feel that you are good with it then a hint of gold can do wonders.
{4} & {5} This is the best foolproof & amazing look you can get. Winged black eyeliner & deep/bright red lips, whichever you prefer. I cannot begin to emphasize how easy and special this makeup tip is. It looks good on everyone and makes you look alive in the wedding photographs.
{8} If you are one to play with nailpaints then try not to go too crazy with it for weddings. By crazy I mean you can keep away from neon greens. A matte red shade like this is all you need. And this will go with pretty much all your Indian Outfits.
For more beauty & makeup inspirations do visit my ‘BEAUTY’ Pinterest Board. It’ll keep you busy all day!

And ofcourse no blog post, and by that I literally mean NO BLOG POST on weddings is complete without a mention of WWW.KNOTTYTALES.COM
With photographs to die for, I know everyone wants their wedding to be covered by knottytales, and those who say otherwise either haven’t seen the work or just plain lying. Nuff said.

Do let me know if you enjoyed this post. And ofcourse I am always open to suggestions and queries.


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    your smile would have added charm to the pics.

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    Strand of Silk

    Great pictures and very nice style!


    Fashion Metropolitan Blog Team

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    Naina Redhu

    Smooch! <3

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    Darek Novak

    HA! I photograph few Indian weddings in Europe and they are so colorful , it looks always great on photos. The only thing i did not enjoy as muchis amount of work:) There is something going on all the time . But overal you have a great traditions !

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      That is true! Something or the other is happening all the time 🙂

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