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Onto the second part of my fabulous experience with my new HP Envy Ultrabook 4-1002TX.
The Ultrabook along with being super light and easy to carry anywhere, seems like the perfect marriage between design and technology completely up-to-date with most current and amazing hardware & software features while also showcasing the slickest looks and design.

This time around I decided to take it out for a fun outdoorsy day at the park with a friend. I know at this point the laptop almost sounds like its a pet! It kinda is too by now! Again I left behind the adapter as well as its carry bag. I simply slipped it into my own purse.

Notice how well the Ultrabook goes with almost any outfit coz of its sleek & hassle free looks. Ranging from the all-white outfit in the previous post to the garden printed dress in this one!
I decided to get some pending work done before starting off with the fun activities. We had a movie planned too! And then some music and games!

Opened up Photoshop to edit images and also some music to help me concentrate! Yup! Music does that to me!
Had some hip-hop songs in my playlist and this was the first time I was gonna be hearing the audio quality of the Ultrabook with the ‘Beats Audio’Feature. And boy was I in for a surprise! Crystal clear sound in a quality I had never heard before. Beats’ original product line were Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Dr. Dre outlined in promotional materials that with most headphones, listeners are not able to hear “all” of the music, and that Beats would allow people “to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.” You have to listen to it yourself to believe it!

Work happened, so did the movie ‘Project-X’…incase you have’nt yet seen it…DO IT NOW! We played some music and some frisbee after which we were both a bit sleepy and ready to head back by the evening. And here is the awesome part – I still had battery left by the time I came back home. Thats an 8 to 8.5 hours battery life. That beats everything in any laptop! This is THE BEST feature of the HP Evy Ultrabook and as you can see I saved the best for the last!

Thats it folks! Having covered another 2 very amazing features of the Ultrabook in this post, it brings us to the end of the HP experience! Let me know what you think about this one. And incase you are wondering, you still have a chance to win the Ultrabook by leaving your comments on this post.

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  • Reply July 29, 2012

    Prisca Pires

    After reading the reviews about it I’ve come to think that the HP ENVY Ultrabook is a product worth having.
    It’s slim and light. One can hold it easily over the head while getting back from work even in a crowded train or bus at night.
    It’s less to carry. At 1.7 kgs it’s not at all heavy.
    It has a sophisticated metal finish – a look better than any style conscious woman could wish.
    The 14″ HD display helps a person to see stuff without straining eyes that the ones with smaller ones may.
    It has up to 9 hrs of battery life, so I can carry it wherever I want when I’m not playing the role of a housewife.
    It has dual speakers with integrated subwoofer. Nice to relax while listening to my favorite tracks.
    With Intel Rapid Start technology it boots fast so I don’t have to wait for ages like I’ve done with other models in the past.
    It’s sleek. That’s the king of product that I seek.
    It’s powerful and yet at the same time it can me make me look cool.
    It’s up for anything. Once my work is done, it’ll make me want to sing.

    priscapires (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Reply July 29, 2012

    Rajesh Kumar Sivastava

    Single Battery, Double Battery No More Battery To Store,
    Single Battery, Double Battery No More Battery To Store,

    I am Fantasied ,

    How ENVY Have 4 Cell Battery To Rock.

  • Reply July 29, 2012

    Rahull Idnani

    hp envy, the meanest beast around! Sheer beauty,ultimate style!! It’s like anyone can go crazy for this hot thing! awesome battery life, beats audio, the reds and the blacks, everything makes u *wholla what a lappy* man i can just dream about this lappy while not asleep! truly *EPIC*

  • Reply July 29, 2012

    ramla rani

    Love music??? No laptop other than Hp ENVY ultrabook can give the real meaning of music. Enjoy the real music with full beats which no other laptop offers. One will definitely get tired of listening music but Hp ENVY ULTRABOOK will never get tired of playing music as it has 8 hour long battery life. Enjoy music as much as much you can!!!

  • Reply July 29, 2012


    All i wanna say that hp envy ultrabook has everything ultra
    ultra slim,ultra modern,ultra design,ultra features
    Otherwise its hp
    hp-high professional,high performance(i named it)
    I m sure whoever have envy ultrabook can make others jealous
    If i get this (not only me) the first thing i will say ‘wooooooow’ i am sure
    i made a poem for this hp envy
    check my next comment

  • Reply July 29, 2012


    Everyone needs hp ultrabook,
    whether he is engineer or he is cook
    design of envy can make anyone mad,
    who dont become mad i am sure he will be sad
    sleek look of it can make you fall in love,
    You may forget about other works
    If you want hp envy then go and sign your checks before it tooo late

  • Reply July 29, 2012

    Varun Taneja

    Euphoria surrounds me whenever I look at the “HP Envy Ultrabook”. There is a sterling playfulness and charm in ‘Envy’ which sets me in top mood 🙂 It is an ultimate object of desire that makes daily inroads into my gadget friendly fantasies. Envy’s slim & smart design coupled with its feather like weight which comes with the persistent & utilitarian approach of HP, is tailor-made to quench my daily thirst of fun, learning and utility.

    “Anyone can engage in a love affair with the “HP ENVY Ultrabook” with a money-saving smile ” 🙂

    E-mail –

  • Reply July 30, 2012


    History was created when Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard,two young graduates from Stanford University founded the company ‘HP’ in 1939 from a small garage of Palo Alto,California. As it is rightly said that history repeats itself,our very own ‘HP’,now the leading PC manufacturer in the world has done it again by launching their new breath-taking and witty creation-the HP ENVY ULTRABOOK….a unique masterpiece which everybody will ‘envy’ of….so whoever likes ‘HP ENVY ULTRABOOK’ please raise your hand,others please raise your standard.

  • Reply July 30, 2012


    once there were a meeting between laptops all fat and ugly laptops were there but due to some work ulra book was late
    in meeting there were a laptops it was beautiful but not nubile everybody was watching that but suddenly hp ultrabook arrived everybody was seeing it with open mouth and saying what a figure what a sleek design in that meeting hp ultrabook sang his poem

    Everyone needs hp ultrabook,
    whether he is engineer or he is cook
    design of envy can make anyone mad,
    who dont become mad i am sure he will be sad
    sleek look of it can make you fall in love,
    You may forget about other works
    If you want hp envy then go and sign your checks before it tooo late

    everybody shocked

  • Reply July 30, 2012

    Mohnish Modi

    The HP Envy Ultrabook will be more of a pit-stop for me to energize myself. When stressed, just plug-in my Skull Candys and just relax, enjoy the music and rejuvenate myself. It just turns you into a tag along! You just can’t stay away from it!

  • Reply July 30, 2012


    I am a Web Designer working in Bangalore, even i don’t have laptop till now. But i was planning to buy one good laptop 2 months back, that time i didn’t know which brand is better. My friends suggest so many brands, i got confused. One day i saw the hoarding of HP Envy Ultrabook ad in streets, i was wondering for that sleek design, i went to the office to send the quote in HP website. I got reply and im going to purchase HP Envy Ultrabook with my savings EPF amount. Now HP Envy Ultrabook decorates my desktop wallpaper.

  • Reply July 30, 2012

    Rahul Jain

    The glimpse of HP Envy suggests it as a fashion accessory. The chrome metal finish is classy, elegant and affirms it a unisex accessory. The wedge shape front-end of the aluminum lid comfortably sets like a silent assassin on its body complimenting the killer looks. While the words Hewlett-Packard on the back-end treasures an antique look.
    The island design keyboard; and… the ‘bikini’ grill; covers the essentials and mesmerizes with revelations (sound). The ‘b’ medallion and bikini-hook button proudly hangs around neck. The multitouch shiny touchpad boasts an on/off button.

    In all its an awesome to dote for..!


    Rahul Jain
    @rahuljainsagar (twitter)

  • Reply July 30, 2012

    Aishwarya Khanna

    I am a 16 year student with a 20 century box for a computer. Being a part of the fast paced lifestyle (School, blog, tumblr, pinterest, gmail etc etc) I would love to own this slim beast. If I win it, I will be forever grateful to you and of course, HP. HP and me are life long friends. <3

    I hope to win it. Best of luck dear contenders. 😉

    And Akanksha, I wish you all the luck with choosing a winner!

    Have a good day!
    -Aishwarya. 🙂

  • Reply July 31, 2012

    bhavesh bhati

    I don’t need a girlfriend now my HP Envy Ultrabook has all the qualities I desire in her – Hot , Stylish , Faishonable ,
    slim , intelligent like me 😛 . I see my soul in it . It’s like God(HP) has it made for me . After seeing it I can’t sleep properly , I can’t eat properly , I think story of another Laila – Majnu , Heer – Ranja … i.e. me and HP envy is soon going to be written in HP font on HP cloud .

    Oh Lord HP … I beg of you .. give me my love or I will die. We are made for each other .

  • Reply July 31, 2012

    Karuna Das

    Hp envy 4 ranges of ultrabook(s) are the best of the Ultra book I would say. The dimensions are great. It’s so slim, catchy to the eyes. It’s very superfast. Takes so less time to boot up Windows. The HD screen with awesome brightness & picture play. Working on this machine is so cool. Movies, Songs, Videos with Beats Audio are awesome with the powerful battery for uninterrupted performance. Carrying this to my classroom will envy everybody to have one like I envy to have one for myself. It goes by the name ENVY.

  • Reply July 31, 2012

    Sajeesh A S

    It’s fascinating to see gadgets and girlfriends (obviously others’) making people envy. And just when we pass the thought that ‘i have seen the best’, comes the better. So at times, we had these amazing females and luck favoured the luckiest. And for the rest, there were gadgets.
    Life was much tougher since people cared for wives(again others’) and not for gadgets. And then..
    Thank god! Atlast I can say with pride : “I envy”
    Wait, did I say Envy? Well, I was supposed to.

  • Reply July 31, 2012

    akil udayakumar

    this ultrabook is like a 5 star buffet with something for everyone,it make everyone who has bought other computing devices feel like idoits,this dark knight is impossibly thin and stylish too so everyone will be envious of it,i may not be able to sing but the beats audio really appeals to me,the brillant screen makes this a must have gadget for techgeeks and style icons alike.

  • Reply July 31, 2012

    Rupam Bhattacahrjee

    A pocket rocket fits in everwhere you want because of its sleek and sexy design.To add upto its its asthetics it has got some incredible features .Its has got great battery back up of around 8 to 9 hours to give it enough juice to fill up anybodys body with energy .To add with it a piece of bombblaster from beats audio even Dr Dre would be ashamed of himself comparing his vocals with the sound of beats audio .A project well developed kudos to them.

  • Reply August 2, 2012

    shailesh dengre

    HP envy ultrabook is all about its power..
    Power to attract
    Power to deliver
    Power to work
    Power to protect
    Power to amaze.

  • Reply August 2, 2012



  • Reply August 4, 2012

    shailesh dengre

    There is no word in the dictionary which can actually describe the beauty,power ,features and technology hp envy ultra book.

  • Reply August 8, 2012


    envy for those who dont have dis ultra note book

  • Reply August 9, 2012

    Nishtha Bhargava

    Its like this contest was made for me. Im going on an extensive east coast trip to Australia with my sister at the end of october and i really need a super light and long lasting laptop. For all the times when charging sources just wont be available and to help me out with the weight issues since we are going to backpacking across the coast! My current laptop is oh so bulky and not cool at all. I want to be the envy of all other backpackers!

  • Reply August 9, 2012

    Pankaj Hirway

    Now husbands are not the only thing to envy.

  • Reply March 27, 2014

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