Haze Glaze | Akanksha Redhu | half side fly hair

Haze Glaze

Stopped over during my drive from North to South Goa ( Arpora –> Patnem ) and take a few shots of this semi-retro-all-fun outfit….

Feel Good Hair | Pantene | Akanksha Redhu | cover

‘Feel Good’ Hair | Pantene

It is going to be about 5 months since I shared with you my experience with Pantene in the #ProofNotPromises feature. I have been…

Rouge Coco Lipstick | Chanel | Akanksha Redhu | holding all in hand

Rouge Coco Lipstick | Chanel

For Spring 2015, Chanel has revamped it’s iconic Rouge Coco Lipstick range with a new formula and a lot more exciting colors. I received…

Hippie Kimono | Akanksha Redhu | full side hand on waist

Boho Fringe Party

There is literally nothing that you can dislike about tasseled boho kimonos. While they are mostly associated with summers and the beach-life, I have…

Stripes | Akanksha Redhu | half quarter arms up


The last of the winters has made me scurry back into my closet and wear all my jackets atleast once this season ( #HoarderIssues…

Vogue India | Feb 2015 | Akanksha Redhu | cover

Vogue India { February 2015 }

I am extremely thrilled to be featured in the Feb ( Read= Valentine’s Day ) issue of Vogue India. It’s my first time in…

Space Cherry | Akanksha Redhu | front half jacket from below

Space Cherry

You can only wear black & brown jackets for so long. When the winters hit you hard and long, you tend to get bored…