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Paradise Beach { GOA }

During our stay in Morjim, Goa we spent a day at Paradise Beach as well. Technically Paradise Beach falls in the state of Maharashtra…

Morjim | Goa | |

Morjim { GOA }

Its been a while since I’ve been back from my 20 day long road trip. I have finally managed to sort out the pics…


Westin :: { Well Being }

When Westin Hotels invited me to experience their freshly launched campaign #WestinWellBeing over the weekend, there wasn’t a chance I could have said no….



For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram I have put up a quick post showing you some pictures from my very…

Hydra Beauty Nutrition – { Chanel }

I recently received the Hydra Beauty Nutrition cream along with some yet-to-be released makeup & beauty products by Chanel. The Nourishing cream is officially…

{ Green - Day } | | Complete Outfit

{ Green – Day }

After quite a few years of contemplation, trials & errors and confusion, I have finally come to the decision and realization on my favourite…