True Blue

{ True Blue }

I don’t really know what it is about the winters that automatically makes me gravitate towards dark and dull colors. I could live in…

Sunny Winter Florals | Akanksha Redhu | sitting down

Sunny Winter Florals

Two good things about winters – Ability to wear jackets & the winter sun! ONLY India has some impeccable winter styles currently in stores….

Mawi x Koovs | Akanksha Redhu | half front proper

~ Mawi + Koovs ~

A collection I had been looking forward to ever since I got wind of it, the #MawixKoovs collaboration is high on energy & low…

Current MAC Faves | | all in hand

Current MAC Faves

A new season always brings in the urge for new makeup! No? Even though most shades of the same colored lipsticks are so so…

Hibiscus Pair | #akanksharedhu | half side

~ Hibiscus Pair ~

I won’t exactly call it a trend. More of a personal style preference. Whatever you’d like to call it – I’m going nuts over…

Beauty Stash | Innisfree | | all together

Beauty Stash | Innisfree

Being a natural brand, Innisfree lays a lot of emphasis on using the benefits of nature for healthy skin. Most of their ingredients come…

Jacket Lovin!

Jacket Lovin

That season of the year is almost upon us. For those living in southern parts of the country, I’m talking about winters. Yes winters…with…

Current Beauty Faves | Luxola | | all with tropical

Current Beauty Faves | Luxola

Trying out new beauty products is something that never fails to excite me. As vain as that may sound to some, you’ll only know…

Weekend Getaway | Anya Gurgaon | | eating dessert

Weekend Getaway | Anya Gurgaon

It was sublime timing that I got the opportunity to experience a weekend at Anya Hotels & Resorts, Gurgaon right after I had returned…

Of Midi Dresses | Femella | | half front

Of Midi Dresses | Femella

Another website I recently stumbled upon for my shopping needs regarding fashion is Femella. Supported with a simple, good looking and user-friendly layout, Femella…