Light Layers | Only India | Akanksha Redhu | full front leg visible

~ Light Layers ~

The nip in the air is now official. Winters are here but the daytime is still warm and tricky. Which is where layers come…

Vero Moda Marquee | Qutub | Akanksha Redhu | artsy full side


I recently discovered the lovely Dramz Whiskey Lounge & Restaurant in the Qutub area and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful views…

Sarabeth's  | New York City | Akanksha Redhu | dish long

Sarabeth’s – New York City

On this particularly fine and sunny day, Naina & I went about walking around Central Park and during lunch time, when we were famished,…

Friday | Akanksha Redhu | jump bigger


Frankly, I couldn’t think of a name for this post so I thought I’d name it after the day I wanted it to go…

Anita Dongre | Akanksha Redhu | #ootd | dark

Anita Dongre

I recently went to a day-time Indian wedding for which I had picked out a beautiful Anita Dongre look from her store in Emporio….

The Palette | Tanishq | Akanksha Redhu | glass of water

The Palette | Tanishq

Customizable jewelry is my favorite kind! It’s no surprise that I was very excited to explore and try out the fresh new ‘Palette’ Collection…

Vero Moda Marquee | Akanksha Redhu | half front door

Just One Dress

If you could keep just one dress in your wardrobe, which one would it be? Would it be that floral printed skater dress or…

The Hills | #ootd | Akanksha Redhu | full front legs crossed

The Hills

I have actually named this post after the song that I like so much. But yes, the outfit has also been shot in the…

New York City | HP | Akanksha Redhu | HPx2 | standing far central park

New York with HP

I still have so much content to share from my trip to NYC that it becomes confusing where I should start from sometimes. But…